Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Do you need replacement car keys, but don’t want to pay premium prices? Maybe your key is broken, or you just need a spare to keep in reserve or in case of an emergency? At Auto Locksmith Milwaukee, we can provide you with a new transponder car key at a reasonable cost.

Many drivers only have one working car key for their vehicle. But what happens if that car key is lost or broken or becomes faulty? Gaining access to your car or recovering your vehicle to the garage can be inconvenient and very costly!

That’s not including the expense of paying for a manufacturers’ car key, and you’ll have to wait weeks for it to arrive. Don’t get locked out. Always keep a spare car key!

Spare Keys and Auto Locksmith

At Auto Locksmith Milwaukee, we offer new car keys that will work for the engine, immobilizer and alarm. Perhaps you simply want a spare car key cut – we can do that too! We can cut and program your car key, while saving you time and money! Using the latest car key programming technologies, we can code the transponder chip and cut the car key for at an affordable rate.

For car key repairs and car key batteries, even if your car key has snapped or broken, we can help! We can repair transponder keys, replace batteries in car keys, or provide you with a fully functioning car key as a cheap, yet working replacement. For help or advice, call us or visit our shop.

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