Ignition Switch Repair

Ignition Switch Repair

A telltale sign that your ignition is going bad is when you need to jiggle your key to get it to turn, or the ignition doesn’t turn at all! A worn-out key and a faulty ignition usually go hand-in-hand. A key that has been worn out from overuse can wear out the wafers inside of your ignition, as the key is not accurate anymore and the ignition is compensating by breaking itself.

Our shop will be able to test your car and determine if an ignition replacement or repair is required. If you know the ignition switch is bad, you are going to require a new ignition switch and a locksmith to install it. An ignition switch replacement can be done in several ways. Luckily, we have the know-how to handle almost any situation. This is a job for a person with experience, such as the mobile locksmiths at Auto Locksmith Milwaukee.

You want to make sure your replacement part is a quality part, and that the person working on your car has knowledge of your car’s specifics.

The ignition switch transfers all the power. That is why your car won’t start if the ignition switch is broken. Ignition problems are usually detected and serviced by a locksmith with expert training.

Our services highly affordable. Our shop can do all the work. Call (414) 377-6111 now to get advice and find out exactly what is wrong with your car.

Our shop can do all the work. Call Us Now! (414) 377-6111

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