Unlock My Car Trunk

Unlock My Car Trunk

When you accidentally lock your keys in the trunk, you can count on us to help. A situation like this can be stressful, but no need to worry—you can call Milwaukee Locksmith!

When you lock your keys in the trunk, we do not necessarily need to unlock your trunk via only the trunk. A trunk lockout is very similar to a car lockout. The majority of cars have a trunk release button inside the vehicle, and unlocking the vehicle is usually a faster process than to go through the trunk directly. If there is no trunk release, then the trunk may be accessible through the back seat.

In most high-end cars, there is an alarm that activates after the car doors are unlocked without using the key. The alarm disables the trunk from opening with the button and there will usually be no way in through the back seats.

We have many alternative options to getting inside the trunk by either deactivating the alarm, making a key, or manually opening it with our trunk opening kit.

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